Hi, I'm your new friend Rebecca.

And the beautiful people you see around here?

They're all REAL couples, often surrounded by their closest friends and families.

Pretty awesome, right?

When you hire me, not only are you getting a photographer with almost a decade and a half of experience, but you're also getting a bridal party herder, a gown bustler, a shameless cha cha slide dancer, a boutonnière pinner.

Let's get some coffee and get to know each other!

How do you want your story told?

It's your day.

When you look at your wedding photos a year later, or ten years later, or 50 years later, I want you to be able to remember how it FELT to be there that day. The anticipation, the joy, the music and laughter and dancing and tears, all of it.
If that sounds like how you want your day remembered, I am your gal.

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